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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

super-slow trains

text of the letter sent to the Times of India:

I refer to the editorial captioned 'slow train coming' published in your columns on the 3rd Sept.

Leave aside comparing our Rajdhani's (averaging 90 kmph speeds) with the Japanese/ European bullet trains (averaging 200 kmph), we have, in this modern day and age, the so-called Bangalore - Kanyakumari "Express", linking the two southern capital cities of Bangalore and Trivandrum, recording a dismal 49.45 kmph on an average. And, in response to repeat appeals from the public for atleast one regular overnight fast train of the like of a Rajdhani, all that the Indian Railways, can come up with is a set of so-called 'specials' on odd days and at odd timings, serving very little purpose. And, as if to add to the injury caused to the regular travellers in this segment by this step-motherly treatment, they go on label some of them that barely manage to average 55 kmph as "superfast" and levy a surcharge in addition.

Not surprising at all that there are some four flights a day now between Bangalore and Kochi, and the number is growing. That much for the business acumen of the Railways minister, Laloo Prasad Yadav, and his recently acquired 'management guru' status.


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